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What does Esembee Mean? 


Esembee which stands for SMB (soul, mind, body) is a brand created in the 1990’s by my father Dean (Dino) Kerkhoff. The vision of Esembee came to him through his unwavering love and respect for the Bible and his devotion to live his life dedicated to God. Dino thought it was fascinating how a woman which has very limited physical strength is one of the most powerful creatures on earth. He was moved by the fact that women can create life, nurture a family and maintain a professional life with the multitude of strengths that are unique to their gender, all while having little physical strength. Esembee was born from the understated power of a woman and the energy created by that power. “The energy that moves us” is the best way he could describe it. That became the baseline behind Esembee Adventure Company. 


Esembee Adventure Company is a family focused company that tries to expand on the one thing that we feel is the most powerful force on the planet, HUMAN CONNECTION! Human connection is the only true driving force in our world today. Whether you are connecting with each other or connecting with nature, you are creating “the energy that moves us” which becomes the energy that runs the world. We understand how powerful that connection can be and we hope to enhance your connection by offering adventure rental equipment. Come connect to nature, family & friends and most importantly YOURSELF at Esembee Adventure Company.

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